Friday, December 20, 2013

Handling and Analyzing Critics

Workplace critics are a plenty all over the world, cutting across organizations and sectors. Critics just for the heck of it are of course useless, however, at the personal level even such critics comments can come handy if proper analysis is done on the basis of the comment vis-à-vis the situation, the underlying objective, the surrounding environ, the personnel involved pointing on a hell lot of issues about the person making the comment. On the contrary, comments which are positive with an intention to make positive contribution towards the personnel and organizational environment are fewer, as handful few are willing to criticize for a good cause, mainly because they should not be misquoted with a good or bad intention, at a later point in time. It is worth mentioning that some individuals are critics by birth and they try to put across the message with an element of banter, while criticizing any individual, a decision or even a process. Such people also try to vent their frustration by criticizing others when the going is not in line with their expectations. The critics after being handed over  responsible positions finds it difficult to continue with the habit of criticizing even with a good intention, mainly because, he/she might be caught in the wrong foot, owing to his/her position and associated roles, responsibilities and accountabilities. Workplace critics are therefore mostly a boon, seldom do they metamorphose into a bane, unless an ulterior motive was omnipresent. It is evident only when their criticism is engulfed with an evil intention that is subtly hidden deep within the mind of the critique.

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