Wednesday, April 14, 2010

When Your's Truly was Live in FM Radio in Oman for the Second Time in One Year

It was indeed a pleasure to be online in Tariq Talk radio show on the topic of success on Wednesday,April 14th,2010,5.40 PM to 6.10 PM(Oman Standard Time) in 90.4 FM in the Sultanate of Oman,similar to the previous participation in the same channel an year ago.(details in . The 20 minutes interview hovered around success, where your's truly responded to a volley of questions from the host, Mr. Tariq of along with the customized response to callers queries on a host of issues pertaining to Success.The epicenter of the discussion was success, its defintion,the ingredients to achieve success, the roadmap to achieve success, contributors to success,to name a few.

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