Sunday, April 25, 2010

Is it correct to Save your own Skin at the Cost of the Organization

It is indeed suprising how organizations under the garb of competition transforms into an working environment which has dogs eat dogs as the major thrust area for all endeavours.However,this behaviour gradually metamorphoses into a bane for the organization as it leads to a feeling of insecurity within the rank and file of the company, culminating in everyone irrespective of their level and domains start to protect their own skin at the cost of the organization.Infact a rank outsider after observing these phenomena is surprised as all and sundry are always on their toes not to put their best foot forward, but to protect themselves from being fired due to one reason or the other.Such type of organizations are always in the look out for scapegoats so as to save themselves from their own mistake.The culture also alters from that of growth and development to that of fault finding where pointing fingers happens to be the order of the day.The employees working in such a set up initially may try to be ethically correct with an open and learning approach, but, over a period of time, the environmental influencers results in changing and adopting the protect your skin approach.Every one is trying to pass on the buck, accountability is the last word in the lexicon of the employees and all their positive characteristcs and behaviours goes for a toss.Knowing the developments very well, none is willing to be the whistle blower fearing backlash and being targeted.This continuous approach of fault finding across the length and breadth of the organizations impacts the overall creativity and innovation as most of the discussion and activities hovers around protect your skin at the cost of others.

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