Thursday, January 28, 2010

Job Search Technique

This is the 454th publication of yours truly published in the leading English Daily of Central India, The Hitavada,dated 26th January 2010. The article leverages the practical and theoretical experience of the author while observing and researching the complete cycle of the Job Search Techniques, both in the Indian and the market of the Middle East. The conversion of these concepts into a subject, titled "Job Search Technique" has in fact helped in metamorphosing the practical insights happening in the job market, into concepts which can be understood, customized and internalized by the professional students and working executives of different functions and domains.Although the article does not provide a detailed insight on the process of Job Search Technique, it offers the major highlights which can help the stakeholders concerned to finalize their strategies for securing the right job at the right time and cost, for the right person!Did someone say getting the dream job is now more easier, if you are smart enough?

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