Sunday, November 29, 2009

The fun of teaching a new subject to the professional students

Although I had been teaching BBA, MBA, Diploma, Certificate, Higher Diploma students of business and management studies and training corporates for over a decade now, I have recently discovered the fun of teaching a novel subject.The routine subjects of management I was covering included marketing, human resources, strategic management, principles of management, soft skills to name a few didn't incite me much when it came to pedagogical innovation.It was when I was asked to train students on a new subject, Job Search Technique(JST),that my grey cells were activated beyond imagination.Prima facie it appeared that the subject was a cake-walk, however after realizing the diverse background of the target audience, I realized the importance of innovating so that I can reach out to them individually.I therefore started understanding the profile of students from different disciplines like Engineering, IT apart from business.I coined a unique method to analyze job advertisement analysis, somewhat similar to job analysis, whereby the trainee was supposed to list out the job profile on one side, his personal profile, along with the SWOT on the other, followed by marking right and wrong, depending upon their similarity and dissimilarity respectively.If the end result had more right, they concluded it is the right job for them and on the contrary more wrong indicated it wasn't the right job for them.Similarly, I asked them to research on various ways as to how internet can be leveraged to land up with the right job, pros and cons of conventional and unconventional job search techniques and more.

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