Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Article on 'Indian Elections 2009 and Management Learnings'

The article published on the 2nd of June 09, in the leading English daily of Central India,The Hitavada, happens to be my 397th publication. This one is little different from my normal one. Indian politics and especially the election jamboree has always caught the imagination of the world at large. It therefore offers fascinating lessons for management professionals and like in the past when I dissected sports, entertainment and movies for management learning, in this piece I have tried to decipher the elections 2009 from a management learning perspective. The political parties have understood the importance of management, be it the electioneering, finalizing manifestoes, seat sharing agreements-pre-poll and post poll, finalization of constituents and their representatives to name a few.The results of election 2009 was a pointer to that affect.

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