Friday, June 19, 2009

KO Column in GROWING Fast !!!

It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction to note that the is growing at a brisk pace. The dream of His Majesty of metamorphosing the Sultanate into a knowledge driven society and nation has started to see the light of the day. My compliments to the KO team for their dedicated and single-minded approach of making the portal a benchmarked one! I am also pleased to see that KO Column is growing by leaps and bounds, which was initiated when I mailed the KO Team with my request to contribute an article every week. Now there are other contributors as well and I welcome, my fellow contributor Priyanka Sacheti, for her inaugural contribution ! Let this be the platform where cross pollination of ideas, dissemination of knowledge happen so that the Sultanate can build up on the economic landscape being witnessed presently.
Once again I would like to Congratulate KO Team for making a knowledge mouth piece for the Sultanate. Together we Can !!!

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