Sunday, February 8, 2009

Making management caselets for e-courses/e-training

Although I have been writing management and business caselets and case studies for quite sometime, I realized the difference in making caselets/case studies for an electronic learning environment. The conventional way of writing a case meant for classroom discussion for the students of business/management and for executive development programs have more or less the same style with minor alterations inserted keeping in mind the target audience. The recent experience I had while making cases for electronic learning needs more than presenting the case with the right blend of domain know-how. The add-ons which are required are the special treatment given by instructional designers, to give a unique look and feel, apart from the lanuguage review. The minor subtleities required for presenting the characters and the surrounding keeping in mind the global audience is also something the author has to take care of. Once the instructional strategies are written, the visualizer does the necessary correction to make it visually correct and attractive.I should be candid in admitting that making a caselet/case study calls for additional skill sets, like that of a instructional designer, a visualizer, as the caselet/case need to be self-explanatory, where the learner is into self paced learning, rather than the one in a typical classroom set up. These learing tools meant for an e-learning environment can also be leveraged while adopting the conventional training methodologies.One major difference however, is that the cases meant for classroom discussion or for executive education are presented in a more complex manner than that of e-learning caselet. The sole reason for this difference is the presence and absence of trainer in the two forms of training.

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