Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Experience sharing-Training Management Teachers

My recent training and workshop experience with UG and PG faculties of different domains of management, soft skills, IT, Economics gave me lot of new insights, which can very well be leveraged by trainers/teachers involved in management sphere. They are as follows-Case based learning, Operation work based learning,Live Project based learning, Role play are very important in teaching management, however they need to be customized keeping in mind the students and their level of understanding.Moreover, it also calls for the trainer making rapid changes to move from predicted and obsolete pedagogical tools to novel and innovative ones.It also requires lot of guts on the part of the trainer, to bring in that change and successfully implement it as this change is going to affect all stakeholders.Managing the teething problem is the core and I can very well see, the management of institutes playing a pivotal role in bringing in that metamorphosis.

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