Sunday, December 9, 2012

Indian Cricket Team vis-a-vis Organizational Learning

Indian cricket team has once again dished out a below par performance, which is spineless and on the top of it, lacked the professionalism required at this level. The selectors meekly caved into the pressure tactics of the hitherto successful skipper(read Dhoni) but the time has come for the wise man to put on their thinking caps and make the much needed whole-sale changes required for the team to usher into the next level. Notwithstanding the successes achieved under the captaincy of Mahindra Singh Dhoni (MSD), a new found sense of complacency has crept in  within the rank and file that calls for immediate attention from the administrators. Add to it the open rifts between the senior pros, lackadaisical attitude, negative on-field body language and one can safely decipher the underlying reasons which calls for an emergency response. A successful leader has to be given a long rope and MSD got an extended stint and had his wishes too especially when he had voiced his displeasure against aging stars of yesteryear (read Sourav, Dravid and Laxman) owing to their poor reflexes and team selection, time and again. But, the new crop of his subordinates or loyalists could continue with the momentum momentarily as the team started to fall like nine pins not only in the overseas matches but also within the country. The tigers at home and cats abroad tag  is now being substituted with a perennial cat tag be it overseas or at home. The situation resembles that of an organization, where the leader after his stupendous success has not only had his own way in handpicking the people he wanted, but also offered them roles commensurate with his own likings and interests. Everyone were mute spectators only because there was performance to show, but once the bottom-line started to disappear, it was a matter of time before the onus of calling the shots shifted from the captain to the administrators. The arrogance of a leader who is gradually fading into oblivion can be seen from the fact that he is unwilling to quit citing personal responsibility for the failure. . Its high time when MSD's attitude of "Its my way or highway" needs to be altered by grooming a youngster at the helm with young members to maneuver and tinker with . This may have different connotation that MSD wants to quit on a high, but the million dollar question is how many more defeats can the team digest before he can get 'his' perfect opportunity to put down his paper! The arrogance has often been the reason for great leaders falling like a pack of cards even in the corporate life. The sheer belief that power is permanent makes them clueless and listless, which in turn provokes them to get into a cascade of mirage filled with wrong decisions, unethical deeds, both at the operational and strategic level. The stakeholders having decision making abilities need to be firm at this point in time in the larger interest of the state of Indian cricket and the organization concerned if its related to a company. The fact that MSD can be a better spokesperson and analyst can be traced to his frank and fair opinion( while facing reverses. The moot question however is, why are all these mere lip services, rather than action oriented stuffs?

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