Friday, November 12, 2010

My 474th publication-A Case Study on Strategic Myopia of Ilina Ltd.

Volume II, Issue IV,October 2010 of the International Journal PROFICIENT, has the article of yours truly as the first one from page 1 to page 9.The case study titled,"A Case Study on Strategic Myopia of Illina Ltd." focuses on real life experiences and observations gained by the author, albeit presented under fictitious names and non-existent characters.However, the happenings are real witnessed by a host of other colleagues of yours truly apart from the author himself.More than the characters, the case study throws light on a start-up making it big in a dynamic and vibrant market,however, the closed eye approach is leading to the corporation falling like a pack of cards.The unflinching faith established by the country heads on the top management is leading to a situation when the once successful corporate would have to file for bankruptcy in the not so distant future.The entrepreneurs are allowing the system to rot by facilitating the middle level folks to call the shots, culminating in spending a huge sum of the company's budget on activities that are not at all productive for the organization, not to forget the amount spent on personal fronts.Should you want to read the complete paper drop me a line.Comment back after reading the same.

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