Sunday, October 31, 2010

A new destination for tourism worth trying

Sultanate of Oman has always been the main draw for tourist connoisseurs, when it comes to natural beauties. Salalah is already there in the radar for all who would like to enjoy the kharif season.Little, however is known to them about Masirah Island, especially those outside the Sultanate or even in the region(read GCC)and the world in general.It was a recent drive from Ibra to Mahoot, followed by a voyage in ferry to the island, which opened the eyes of yours truly to such a beautiful destination, that would definitely add to a tourist's delight.One can witness a whole gamut of things like a long drive cruising at high speed till one reaches Mahoot, from where one can take his belongings, self and even the vehicle in a ferry, which in itself is worth the try.Add to it the unique experience of fishing, going along in a motored boat at high speed in the calm sea,searching for turtles in the darkness with the background sounds of the sea shore or even indulging in sports in the virgin beaches of Masirah, makes it a holistic and absorbing one for any travel geek.Yours truly along with some of his colleagues were elated to experience the composite package first hand. Starting from the warm hospitality right at the shores, when an Omani citizen based in Sinaw was about to leave for his ancestral home in Masirah, aided and guided with all the information, hitherto unavailable in totality on the web, till the time the entourage was leaving the island, everything got etched firmly in the minds of the travelers, pointing towards Masirah as a memorable experience.The yummy delicacies comprising of Arabic, Indian, Pakistani and Turkish food joints only adds to the overall excitement, fun, frolic and enjoyment.It is ideal to take along ones own car, or rent a car, even while reaching the island from the other side of the shore.One can navigate through the island in the car so as to have an all around experience of the geography.The relaxed environs and easy going approach of the people, enables in de-stressing the tired minds and souls.There are rumours saying that a bridge is going to be constructed so as to connect the island with the mainland, however, from a tourist's perspective its better in the present form as one can experience an altogether new feeling while carrying self and his vehicle in that one and a half hours ferry journey across the calm seas, kissed by the cool winds.The destination however needs to be marketed aggressively so that it can join Salalah and Nizwa in drawing more foreign tourists.The time is ripe for the tourist operators to cash upon this unique spot.

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