Thursday, March 25, 2010

463rd on Training Day

The 463rd publication carried out by the leading daily of India, The Indian Express, dated 25th March 2010, presents a snap shot of Training and its Significance for an organization.Organizations today are putting less emphasis on training and development and that is understandable especially when the recently subsided recession(in parts of the globe, sans Europe and Americas completely.The organizations which aren't following a myopic approach are spending more or less the same amount in T&D as they know once the opportunities springs up they have to leverage the same through their manpower and therefore it is better to sharpen their axe before they move out to the woods.The organizations in the emerging economies knows this proposition pretty well and are therefore leaving no stones unturned so as to train their human capital.Companies are also trying to innovate so as to devise new methodologies which can not only reduce the cost, but also help in increasing the training effectiveness.Technologies like E-Learning, Blended Methodologies are coming to the rescue of the training department during these trying times.

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