Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Management Training needs in the GCC region

My experience while working with the Dubai based Management Training,Consultancy and Knowledge Transfer giant, especially during the last three visits of UAE has been that this region undoubtedly has tremendous business potential. Its already a proven fact and I should not be awarded with any rewards/awards for the same.However, my management training and management consultancy experiences along with the understanding I had about the region made me realize that this area definitely needs management approach-be it for learning or for implementing on the GLOCAL model rather than a purely GLOBAL one.When I say GLOCAL, I mean to say that all trainees should understand their local needs and align the same with the global platforms so as to make the maximum out of the inherent potential available in the region along with the boom in technology. Local case studies on successful Arab world companies touching upon their success stories and failures would go a long way in making all existing as well as prospective manager, entrepreneur, practising managers and even students and researchers understand and implement strategies commensurate with their exact needs. The training delivery techniques be it management ot soft skills training also has to be tailor made for the GCC region.
I have understood how it should be done and on the basis of my past experience, I can safely say that I can do it.........................
Kudos to UAE and the GCC region for the potential you generated only from SAND and SEA

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Manishankar, It is a good blog. strangly, we have close similiarities in personality profile with minor difference that I am maintaining a low key profile. With my Gulf experience even I dream to take my brand to overseas. Let us hope that we meet definitely sometime somewhere.

KS Rao