Saturday, February 9, 2008

Soft Skills Training

Soft Skills are an absolute must for Hard guys and girls. Hardness, mentally, physically are pre-requsities for any and every professional, however, what is important is to impart soft skills training with the right blending of domain know how and more importantly to make soft skills, an perennial learning tool, whatever may be the surrounding and situations.I know a lot about all these, lets kick start the discussion.Every one is invited and welcome.


Unknown said...

soft skills are need of the hour. And i strongly feel that it should be taught during graduate studies.

Though we get many brilliant students from colleges - they are very poor in soft skills. What plans do you have to tackle this?

(i think i am looking from different angle - which might not be right sense of topic)


Unknown said...

nice post on the Soft Skills Training. It will really helps other to get the right job . .Regards, Sanya Corporate training programs