Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Management Learning

Hi Everybody,
Can anyone be taught management in a formal set up?I strongly believe that one can only facilitate management learning by being an active and keen observer, analyzer(using mostly non-verbal skills),emphatizer, so that one can reinforce the concepts everytime with a practical dimension. Theoritical management learning does not have anyplace in this world and the successful management trainer are those who can make his trainee understand all the nuances in a practical set up without making him realize that he is learning, subconsciously.

My fellow esteemed trainers and teachers, I am interested to know your take on this.


083294883 Swarnalata Philip said...

any learning, for that matter is fruitful when the learner is actively engaged, i.e., he is encouraged to explore on his own. yes,the trainer's role is that of facilitating and creating the drive but are there any sure shot methods for doing so? I think the teacher , for that matter, is required to be always experimenting and mind ,when trial is involved errors not far behind.

Unknown said...

Yes I do agree that the role of a trainer is that of a trial and error doer till the time he perfects the model of tried and tested one.Hence it is important for continuous experimentation